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  1. How do I backup files/folders?
    Weekly automated backup is taken for each account. If this is not satisfactory an alternative is to use either of the following options to initiate an adhoc backup as frequently as you like.
    Both allow you to download a compressed copy of all or part of your website.
    1. Using Backup wizard - Select Backup and follow the prompts
    2. Using Backup - Download a zipped copy of your entire site or a part of your site that you can save to your computer from the various options on display.

  2. How do I restore files/folders?
    A weekly automated backup is taken for each account & restore can be done by login on to cPanel <yourdomain:2083> and using either of the following options.
    1. File and Directory Restoration
      1. Browse to the required file/folder
      2. Click show backups
      3. A list of the backups will be displayed from where you can restore by clicking "restore"
    2. Backup Wizard
      1. Select Restore and follow the prompts
      2. Restore - This feature allows you to upload an existing partial backup file in order to restore parts of your website.

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