How To Subscribe to a New Domain & Web Hosting Service

How to Subscribe to a New Domain and Web Hosting service:
  • Log into your active account on
  • Go to the search area and input your domain name in full e.g. 
  • Click on the 'Add To Cart' tab
  • Click on the ''Checkout' tab
  • Click on 'Click Here to Add a Hosting Package' to add your preferred web hosting package
  • Select your preferred Web Hosting Package; Click 'Order Now'
  • Click on the 'Use' tab to proceed to the order confirmation page
  • Review the Order details which include your package and domain charges
  • Click on the 'Checkout' tab to proceed to payments
  • Check the 'I  have read and agree to the Terms of Service' tab
  • Click on 'Complete Order' tab
  • An invoice will pop up on your screen; Take note of the M-PESA payment details
  • Selects the payment method (M-PESA Paybill or M-PESA STK Push)
  • If Paybill, Paybill Details will be displayed on the screen (Paybill No, Account No = Invoice No., Amount)
  • Go to your phone M-PESA Menu and make the payment
  • Enters the M-PESA Transaction Code on the screen ; the invoice that popped up on your screen
  • Click Complete Payment 
  • You will receive a payment confirmation email and an e-receipt (PAID invoice)
  • You will then receive the Domain and Web Hosting login credentials with email set up information
  • You can now manage your services by clicking on various tabs/widgets i.e. cPanel, Webmail, Creat Email Account



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