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Q: How do i create a website?
A: Logon to cPanel, then select RVsitebuilder 7 icon> Click create new site

Q: Why do I get an error when installing RVSite on LITE package?

A: RVSite 7.x requires a MINIMUM of 50Mb, LITE has a limit of 50 Mb therefore not appropriate please upgrade to atleast Bronze

Q: Why do I get an error cannot load PHP extention?
A: Refer to KB PHP Selector on how to install PHP Extentions

Q: There is no publish button, how do i publish my site?
A: Unlike RVsite 6 there is No longer PUBLISH BUTTON. It's a new save system in a single Save button that brings your website online in a blink!

Q: I get "Additionally, a 404 Not Found error" when trying to repair my site
A: Confrim that you are not suing another CMS like WordPress to manage your site or ensure that .htaccess is not blocking access.

Q: Why do i get 500 internal server error?
A: You can clear out the 500 internal server error from your end by editing the file’s or folder’s permission from cPanel. Steps you have to follow to edit the permission are given below.
  1. Log in to Cpanel.
  2. Click on File manager under Files.
  3. Select the web root.
  4. Go to the particular file that shows the error while accessing.
  5. Select the file and click on the particular link under “Perms” column.(the folders should have the permission 755 and all the files should have the permission 644.)
  6. Edit the permission and save.

Q: What to do when "Repair" appears when I'm going to edit my website?

A: This button will appear once it has something changed or updated on control panel that may or may not affect to your website.
  1. You can ignore this "Repair" button and "Edit" your website as usual. But if you click "Edit" and see error or find some features in content editor doesn't work, you can come back on this stage and click "Repair" to fix the problem
  2. Don't panic! By clicking "Repair" button will lead you to a Create new site step to reinstall RVsitebuilder on the this domain name again, but it WILL NOT DELETE current content in your website

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