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  1. What is DMARC?
    DMARC (Domain-Based Messaging Authentication Reporting & Conformance) is an email authentication, policy, and reporting protocol.

  2. Why should I enable DMARC?
    When used together with SPF & DKIM it protects domains from email spoofing, spamming and phishing. It will also help delivery of emails to Gmail who have enable strict DMARC rules and will mark as spam or reject emails if they don’t pass their set policy.

  3. How do I enable DMARC?
    Follow the steps below
    1.  You need to have configured SPF and DKIM at least 24hrs prior. See KB Configuring SPF and DKIM
    2.  Configure an email to receive notifications e.g. dmarc(at)example(dot)com
    3.  Logon On cPanel admin console  go to DNS Zone Editor > Manage
    4.  Click Add record > Add DMARC Record
    5.  Click on Option parameters, enter an email address(as created above) for aggregate mail & failure reports. Enable strict mode for SPF and DKIM. Leave other settings as defaults and click add record

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