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In this article you can find the guidelines on setting up business email addresses and publishing business website. 


  • Setting up business email addresses
  • Publishing business website

Setting up business email addresses

  1. Log in to your active email and click on the link sent.
  2. Log in with your username and password
  3. On the homepage, click on email Accounts to start email account creation
  4. Create email accounts associated with your domain by selecting a username and password and choose your preferred memory allocation for the accounts using the Mailbox Quota feature
  5. You can manage the email accounts created by: -
  6. Changing the email account password
  7. Change the memory allocated to the email account and check usage memory usage
  8. Delete email accounts
  9. Configure email accounts for mail client applications

Publishing your business website using the Free Website Builder tool

  1. Log in with your username and password
  2. On the ‘Software/Services’ section on the homepage, Click on the RVSiteBuilder icon
  3. On the Homepage, select create a new project / website and input Project / Website Name, Company Name, Category List and Save the details.      
  4. Online Support available (live web chat) available on the Safaricom self-service portal on
  5. Phone No. (2nd line support  -  0722 00 2222)
  6. Email Support (
  7. On the Step1 Tab, select a template or import one of your own.
  8. On the Step2 Tab Use the controls to edit the template to your preference.
  9. On the Step3 Tab. Update your contact information and add any additional features.
  10. Back up your project after every modification to save your changes on the website
  11. Use the preview button to view what your website is like when it goes live
  12. Publish your website to make it live and accessible on the web

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