Restoring a Cpanel Website From tar.gz files

Step1 Login to you cpanel

Step2: Browse to file manager

3.Step3: locate your tar.gz file and upload inside public_html of your cpanel

step 4: Right Click and Extract the archive file .tar.gz.

step 5:Locate homedir and mysql folders:


step 6: Download all databases to your local pc

db download

step 7:Now go to Backup Wizard and go to Restore option


step 8: On the next page click on MySQL Databases


step 9:Now upload all the Database files from your Local PC


step 10:Go to MySQL Database and Add a new User


step 11:Now click on Add User to the uploaded database

step 12:Then click on all privileges and tap on Make Changes


step 13: Database is now restored successfully.

step 14: Now again go back to the “homedir” directory inside Backup and find the “Mail” directory

step 15:select all the contents and move it to the Mail section in File Manager

step 16: Emails have now been successfully restored





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